Data Quality Officer – Kuala Lumpur

This role will be responsible for supporting and managing data quality of the databases.

Company Overview

Global Insights Consulting Practice – our largest business-line globally, runs evidenced-based consulting programmes, based on interviewing the leading industry experts to support the analysis of industry trends and the competitive performance and positioning of providers. The Global Insights Consulting practice conducts more than 50 evidence-based Insights Consulting Programmes annually, covering life insurance, health insurance, wealth management, asset management and reinsurance, across all major financial services markets internationally.

The combination of our specialist focus, global network (presence in 51 countries), research and analytics, give us a unique perspective on the market dynamics relevant to the insurance, reinsurance and investments industries globally.

Summary Statement

This role will be responsible for:
• Supporting and managing data quality of our databases
• Communicating with stakeholders on task definitions and execution of tasks
• Data uploads to SQL database
• Data extracts for stakeholders
• Excel related work (data cleansing, researching, management, etc)
• Part-timers management


Data Quality Officer


Kuala Lumpur

Key Responsibilities

  • Supporting and managing data quality: researching outdated respondent details, performing data merges, categorising responses and uploading to database and data validation

  • Communication with stakeholders: utilising the DevOps platform, managing and monitoring the need to prioritise processing of specific program, collaborate with team members and help part-timers to develop the necessary skillsets

  • Data uploads to SQL database: assist in updating respondent details to database, processing client nomination and delegation lists and using adhoc template files to process respondents' details

  • Data extracts for stakeholders: assist in providing data extracts/information to relevant stakeholders, assist in formatting extracts in different formats and combining several different table extracts from SQL

  • Support Excel related work: assist programmers/stakeholders in cleansing company data and assist in cleansing lists before processing and uploading to database

  • Managing part-timers: assist in allocating work/supervise part-timers and ensure and maintain quality deliverables from part-timers

  • Develop efficient working relationships with Project Managers, Team Leader(s), contractors and team members globally

Competencies, Qualifications & Experience

  • Graduate-level position (up to 2 years’ experience); bachelor’s Degree in IT related field or relevant experience

  • Strong computer (Microsoft Excel - formulas, Word) skills

  • Knowledge in SQL Spreads, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Azure Data Factory is a plus

  • Knowledge in Leads platform/Contact databases eg. LinkedIn or any sources/tools which would assist in the researching process

  • Excellent attention to detail and possessing the diligence on data checking for better data quality (this would affect the mapping and analysis process); solid organisation, analytical, and critical problem-solving skills

  • Effective communication and relationship building skills; possess collaboration skills to work well with the team; excellent time management and prioritisation skills

  • Ability to learn quickly – willing to ask questions when necessary to ensure better work quality; a high level of self-motivation and commitment; ability to adapt and work well during peak period or when under pressure

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