About The NMG Group

NMG Consulting is part of the NMG Group. Other companies include NMG Benefits and NMG Capital.


NMG Group

The NMG Group is a global advisory and intermediary firm focused exclusively on the financial services sector.

Established in 1992, NMG has enjoyed rapid international expansion and now has in excess of 800 employees in 18 cities, covering all inhabited continents.

As a business we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of developments in the delivery of financial services throughout the world, whether it involves retail distribution in the UK, changes to the regulation of advice in Australia, retirement fund reform in South Africa, or point of sale regulation in Singapore or Canada.


NMG Benefits

Financial security is at the heart of a business's employee benefits programme.

The advice we give equips employers with the confidence that the decisions they make on behalf of their employees are the right ones; decisions that protect the ongoing health and retirement opportunities of employees and their families, whilst ensuring business success.


NMG Capital

NMG Capital is NMG’s private equity and venture capital business. We specialise in taking strategic stakes in a range of fast growing and ambitious market-leading businesses that provide outstanding service in the financial sector.

NMG has been following this investment approach for over 12 years, and works closely with entrepreneurs, management teams and key stakeholders to enhance value by helping companies to realise their potential.

Our criteria for considering an investment include excellent management capabilities, a clear strategic focus and demonstrable synergies with NMG’s core businesses.

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