Organisational success is a product of clear thinking and exemplary execution

NMG Consulting integrates specialist consulting experience and proprietary insights to help clients shape strategy, implement change and enhance performance.

NMG Consulting helps clients:

  • Decide ‘where to play’ – optimising firms’ market participation strategy, including entry and exit and how to structure to compete
  • Focus their product strategy – including development, optimisation and wind-up
  • Optimise marketing and distribution (through channel strategy, market segmentation, distribution strategy)
  • Harness the power of digital (enhancing digital distribution, digital transformation, organisational agility)
  • Develop and execute inorganic growth strategies (M&A)

NMG Consulting has built strong relationships with senior decision-makers across a wide range of markets. That ‘market sense’ and our ability to generate solution-oriented insights means our experienced consulting teams drive real change – and create real value – for clients.

Every consulting engagement is different. To learn how NMG Consulting works with clients across our industry specialties, contact one of our partners or consultants below.

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