Where subject matter expertise drives data quality, analytics and leading insight

NMG Consulting helps companies use data to drive performance improvement and competitive advantage.

NMG Consulting helps clients harness the power of data through a range of research outputs:

  • Market studies that draw data from across the market to give clients a clear picture of the overall market dynamics and drivers
  • Benchmarking work that captures data on key metrics from major industry players. This analysis helps clients understand their comparative performance and the opportunities for improvement
  • Custom analytics projects that clean, organise and verify internal client data to optimise decision-making

Using the latest data visualisation tools, NMG gives clients the information they need in a format that is easy to interpret, interrogate and act on.

The focus of NMG’s analytics service is data that drives action. It includes simulations, scenario testing and modelling that, combined with the advice of experienced consultants, helps businesses focus on the right range of options.

Want to know how NMG’s data expertise drives decision-making for clients like you?  Contact one of our partners or consultants below.

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