As the reinsurance industry reshapes, leading reinsurers are defying margin pressure to evolve their business models and strengthen their offer

Major reinsurers (like major brokers) operate globally and across life, health and property & casualty lines. Reinsurers are the global risk specialists of the insurance industry.

Beyond the minimum requirements for scale and scope; customer focus, specialization and innovation continue to drive long-term outperformance. Companies need to balance the investment required to drive value-add and differentiation against the reality of margin and cost pressures.

NMG Consulting helps reinsurers sharpen that differentiation with market insights and advice on participation strategy, business structures and transformation.

Our reinsurance Studies are recognised by the industry as definitive benchmarks of client performance and shared as evidence of competitive positioning with clients, prospects, boards, rating agencies and investors.

Our interactive engagement platform underpins the Study process, from data acquisition through to results sharing.

For more information on how NMG can boost the performance of your reinsurance operation, contact one of our partners or consultants below.

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