Citylogue is for those working in the UK & EMEA wealth management industry. Released fortnightly by our London based consulting team, these articles provide easily digestible insights across wealth management, asset management, and protection.

May 25, 2022
ESG leadership and net zero

In this Citylogue, we discuss the opportunity for asset managers to turn net zero commitments into ESG leadership.

May 17, 2022
Consumer Duty – How prepared is the advice sector?

As part of the FCA’s continuing drive to place the consumer front and centre, the forthcoming Consumer Duty aims to drive a fundamental shift in the industry mindset.

August 4, 2022
Return of UK Bancassurance

Banks play a pivotal role in serving the life protection needs of mid-market consumers globally. UK banks could address the mid-market protection gap if only they would prioritise life protection.

March 9, 2022
The UK Master Trust Equity Story

With growing allocations of private capital into the long-term savings market, small independent Master Trusts offer an opportunity to private equity investors.

November 29, 2021
MPS Market Landscape: Part 2 – DFM Responses to Asset Manager MPS

Given growing competition from asset managers, what can DFMs do to protect and grow their share of the financial adviser channel?

August 11, 2020
The Financial Adviser Opportunities for DFMs

With growing competition between model portfolio providers, what can discretionary fund managers do to position themselves more…

September 15, 2020
Income Protection’s Time to Shine?

COVID-19 has highlighted the risk of involuntary unemployment and is driving consumer interest to retail Income Protection (IP); but does retail IP actually meet their needs?

April 14, 2020
COVID – Planning Now to Capture the Emerging Product Opportunity

Having sent initial COVID communication to existing customers, now is the time for life insurance and wealth providers to plan for product opportunities with the emergence from lockdown.

September 16, 2021
MPS Market Landscape: Part 1 – Asset Managers as MPS Providers

In the first part of our MPS Market Landscape series, we will be covering – why asset managers are entering the MPS market and how will they fare against Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs)?

February 19, 2021
Pathways or roadblocks? Will consumers use Investment Pathways?

The FCA’s Investment Pathways have launched with the aim of improving retirement income outcomes for consumers, particularly those without access to advice. In this Citylogue, we follow up our last blog looking at non-advised drawdown, to discuss consumer reactions to Pathways and the increasing onus on providers to support consumers in making good investment decisions.

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