Business relevant analytics for performance gain and competitive advantage.

NMG Consulting translates data insights into business relevance by leveraging deep industry knowledge with actuarial expertise and data science capabilities.

We support our clients to adapt their business processes and decision-making framework to harness the power of data with:

  1. Data management:Identifying and combining multiple data sources, prospecting for value in data ecosystems, visualising data and managing data quality processes.
  2. Data technology:Our clients gain access to permanently advancing data analyticstechnology; NMG market insights inform your application of data insights, to optimize business performance across the insurance value chain from marketing and product design to operations and risk management.3. Data analytics tools:We deploy software on a Build-Operate-Transfer model, supportingadoption of new technologies and adapting clients’ business processes to change.

You are invited to discuss your challenge with an NMG Consulting Expert.

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