NMG Consulting delivers Insights into market trends, business allocations, competitive dynamics and client positioning and capability powered by a proprietary +250 respondent long-form qualitative survey of global industry leaders.

Insights are complemented by annual panel research of +1,500 life and health insurers and +2,000 financial advisers, brokers and agents, sovereign investors, pension funds, non-financial services ‘affinity’ brands and, end-customers.

Insights are broad and deep, focused on three core potential buyer personas; Corporate, Intermediary and Customer.

  • Corporate
    Insights about corporate and institutional buyers of reinsurance, asset management and corporate benefits.
  • Intermediary
    Insights about retail and corporate intermediaries advising on life insurance, wealth management, asset management, employee benefits and health.
  • Customer
    Insights about consumer segment demand attributes, holdings and allocations, decision behaviours and perceptions of products and providers.

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