ESG: an investment unicorn?

The trend towards ESG investing is growing, but how should asset managers respond? We look at whether ESG should be a priority, if the opportunity can be monetized and what the bare minimum response might be.


NEST’s members: targets for competitors?

The minimum contributions ramp-up is helping drive growth in DC workplace pension flows. In parallel, the switching “secondary market”, long predicted but slow to emerge, is also picking up steam. Against a slow growth UK wealth market, these dynamics make workplace pensions appear tempting for entrants. But with profitability elusive, is this actually a siren song?

Financial advice reimagined

It’s our view that the industry in Australia has reached an inflection point where the haze of the past 12 months has started to lift and structural changes are emerging. In this video, David Hutchison examines a one of the changes we are already seeing play out, but expect to continue at an even faster rate – the landscape for the advice market.

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