March 20, 2023

NMG Super Funds Review (12th Edition)

NMG Super Funds Review (12th Edition)

NMG Super Funds Review (12th Edition)

Metrics that matter across the Superannuation market

  • Gain a deep understanding of key trends in the Superannuation market at both a system and fund level
  • Compare your fund against the leading super funds in the industry
  • Determine what flows are driving growth in the leaders
  • Receive deep insight into critical and emerging topics such as internalisation, YSYF performance test, fees compression and ESG that are impacting the industry
  • Analyse our digital portal dashboards, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of trends in net assets, flows, and members across the industry

This report provides a broad and deep perspective on the superannuation industry, highlighting the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ (and why) in terms of market share and netflow. This year, we have developed new analysis on items such as ESG and fees, alongside deep dives into topics such as internalisation, YSYF performance test (and its impact on consolidation activity), and the changing competitive dynamics of pension phase.

With a holistic perspective, the data and analysis cover all funds and entities with $1b+ assets under management (including non-APRA regulated funds), capturing 98% of collective super assets. The review is designed for senior management, strategy teams and boards for funds across the retail and not-for-profit sectors.

Included in the subscription

  • PDF of the annual NMG Super Funds Review
  • Digital access to the underlying data – Interactive report dashboards to view, analyse and download chart data as required for as many individuals within your firm, at one single cost (no per-license fees)
  • A 1-hour (in person or remote) presentation of the report to the senior management, strategy team or board by NMG
  • Ad hoc consultant support – answers to any questions regarding the report as well as any perspectives on industry trends

Contact us to find out more or call us at our Sydney office + 61 2 8355 5700

Sample outputs

Andrew Cummins, Partner based in Sydney ([email protected])

Mark Watmore, Partner based in Sydney ([email protected])

David Hutchison, Partner based in Sydney ([email protected])

Daniel Natividad, Principal Consultant based in Sydney ([email protected])

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