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Super Administrator - February 26, 2020
About Leading and Following

Necessarily different and somewhat Darwinian. The intensity of competition within the P&C reinsurance market has compelled reinsurers…

- August 23, 2019
Where to next for reinsurance prices?

Reinsurance rates have increased by a cumulative ~4% over the past two renewals. A majority of insurers and reinsurance brokers expect a rise in reinsurance prices come 1.1.2020, concentrated around specific lines:

- August 23, 2019
The Innovation Imperative

In Brief The level of collective investment focused on transforming the life insurance proposition exceeds anything seen…

- March 23, 2019
Reinsurance Broking: Is two too few?

Is two too few? M&A strategies in the primary P&C broking segment often have unintended ramifications upstream….

- September 23, 2018
In a class of their own

Reinsurance brokers are an essential part of the value chain for P&C reinsurance globally. In fact, reinsurance…

- March 23, 2018
The Laws of Longevity Over Lunch

A practical guide to survival models – Part 1 “It is more fun to talk with someone…

- July 23, 2017
The world’s leading life protection markets

In Brief Having fielded questions from clients and stakeholders for several years, we’ve eventually got around to…

- June 23, 2017
InsureTech Pioneers

The redesign of the process for acquisition and risk assessment in life insurance is well underway. Reinsurers…

- October 23, 2016
The importance of being different

One size fits all’ service models are increasingly unsustainable, and as such reinsurers are beginning to implement…

- July 23, 2016
Emerging Market Focus: Sri Lanka

Yuen Leng Chin and Roshan Perera put Sri Lanka under the spotlight to highlight some of the…

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