Trialogue is a must-read for those within the Australian wealth management industry. These fortnightly, thought provoking articles are produced by our experienced consultancy team in Sydney, Australia.

October 21, 2019
A new pricing model for wealth – video

In this video, Nickola Cable examines one of the innovations we expect to see – a new model for pricing in superannuation, asset management and platforms.

October 11, 2019
DDO delivers manufacturers an (unexpected) data opportunity

Regulators are baring their newly-sharpened teeth empowered not only by the Royal Commission findings but also new legislation.

August 12, 2019
The forgotten advice distribution opportunity

There is no doubt that there are significant shifts occurring in the advice industry: FASEA will see…

May 6, 2019
The advice gap is dramatically overstated

There have been many ‘Chicken Little-esque’ predictions that the sky is falling in, that FASEA and the fall-out from the Royal Commission will decimate the number of advisers in the industry, creating a large advice gap and preventing many investors who could benefit from advice from being served.

March 7, 2019
AustralianSuper builds $70m war chest

The last few years have seen AustralianSuper dominate the pensions landscape in Australia, topping the charts in terms of net flows year after year.

February 4, 2019
Royal Commission quietly decimates advice industry.

With quiet fury, Commissioner Hayne handed down his report. His commentary was scathing. The participants in Australia’s…

December 3, 2018
When is vertical integration OK?

Our industry has grown up relying on vertical integration- a model coming under increasing pressure. The banks are divesting from their wealth businesses, and there are strong views …

November 1, 2018
Platform fees: the new frontier

The way platforms charge clients has been undergoing steady (if not disruptive) change as the large providers…

September 19, 2018
Robo-advice: what happens when you peak too early?

About a year ago we published a series of Trialogues titled ‘lots of robo, not much advice’….

August 21, 2018
Advisers are happier than ever with platforms

Platforms continue to play a critical role in advisers’ businesses, providing a means to efficiently administer, report…

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